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Quantitative RT-PCR & PCR Array

Learn about the RT² Profiler PCR Array Update

SABiosciences, A QIAGEN Company, leads the field in high-performance SYBR Green real-time PCR analysis.

  • Our RT² Profiler PCR Arrays (patent pending) analyze expression of a panel of genes associated with any one of over 150 biological pathways or specific disease states.
  • The RT² qPCR primer Assays are experimentally tested and verified qRT-PCR primer sets for every gene in the human, mouse, rat, rhesus macaque, fruit fly, dog, pig, cow, chicken, horse, Zebrafish, rabbit, and Chinese hamster ovary cell genome. These qPCR primer assays are ready-to-use for gene-by-gene expression analysis, microarray data validation, biomarker discovery and siRNA knock-down verification.
    • In combination with our specially formulated and instrument-specific PCR master mixes, our complete RT� qPCR products provide the accurate, reliable, and convenient SYBR Green analysis needed by today's research. Trust the experts in SYBR Green real-time PCR detection.
  • PCR Arrays (cataloged)
    Pathway- or disease- focused PCR Arrays with 96 or 384 gene panels. Over 150 pathways available
  • PCR Plus Arrays
    PCR arrays for gene profiling and pathway activity and cellular toxicity determination
  • PCR Arrays (customized)
    Custom-made arrays containing 8-384 genes of your choice
  • PCR Arrays for miRNA Targets
    PCR Arrays containing real-time RT-PCR assays for verified and bioinformatically predicted gene targets for specific miRNA
  • Small Sample & FFPE Sample Amplification Kits
    Enabling the Analysis of 1ng Equivalent Total RNA on RT� Profiler PCR Arrays
  • RT² PreAMP Primer Mixes
    PCR-enabled primer sets that faithfully amplify your pathway-focused gene sets
  • PCR Arrays for Fluidigm BioMark System
    PCR Arrays for use with the Fluidigm BioMark real-time PCR system.
  • qPCR Primer Assays
    Individual real-time primer assays for every human, mouse, rat, rhesus macaque, fruit fly, dog, pig, cow, chicken, horse, Zebrafish, rabbit, and Chinese hamster ovary cell gene; over 140,000 assays available.
  • Genomic DNA Control Assays
    Specific primer assays for assessing gDNA contamination in your samples.
  • Suggested Housekeeping Genes
    Stably expressing genes recommended by scientific studies and bench validation
  • MicroRNA PCR Arrays
    High-specificity MicroRNA expression analysis.
  • EpiTect Methyl II PCR Arrays
    Simultaneously analyze the DNA methylation status of 22- or 94-gene panels associated with specific cancer types, other diseases or biological pathways


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