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APX Protein List

The APX/APEX kits have been discontinued effective June 30, 2010. Please see the QIAgenes Expression Kits.

The APX System is the most advanced technology for adjusting expression levels of exogenous proteins. The APX System provides two levels of flexibility for the scientist. Each protein is available as either a constitutively-expressed protein or an adjustable fusion protein. The adjustable proteins are fusion proteins that contain the wild-type coding sequence fused to a destabilization domain. The fusion protein’s stability is regulated by the presence of a small membrane-permeable molecule, APX Centry Stabilization Reagent, in a dose-dependent fashion. Finally, expression constructs are available in either a ready-to-transfect plasmid format or as ready-to-transduce lentiviral particles.

Human Proteins Cloning Vectors & Controls






* The DYKDDDDK epitope is also referred to as the FLAG® epitope.