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RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array Pathway-Focused qRT-PCR Based Expression Profiling
RT≤ qPCR Primer Assay Gene-Specific Primers for qRT-PCR, Genome-Wide Availability
Cignalô Pathway Reporter Assays Cell-Based Assays for Rapidly Analyzing Pathway Signaling Activity
miScript miRNA PCR Array miScript miRNA PCR Array
Multi-Analyte Profiler ELISArray Kits Analyze 12 Cytokines or Chemokines Simultaneously Using ELISA
Single Analyte ELISArray Kits High Performance ELISA with the Best Possible Antibodies
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Arrays Pathway-Focused PCR Based DNA Methylation Analysis
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Primer Assay PCR Assays for DNA Methylation Analysis, Genome-Wide Availability
SureSilencingô shRNA Gene-Specific Plasmid-Based RNA Interference, Genome-Wide Availability
EpiTect ChIP qPCR Arrays Pathway-Focused qPCR Based Histone Modifications Analysis
Search Result: 22 gene(s) found matching 'ATR'
Gene Symbol: ATR (Human)Other Aliases: FCTCS, FRP1, MEC1, SCKL, SCKL1
Refseq IDs: NM_001184, ENST00000350721, ENST00000383101, ENST00000504521, ENST00000507148, ENST00000507620, ENST00000511016, ENST00000513291, ENST00000514393, ENST00000515107, ENST00000515149, ENST00000515810, ENST00000515863, XM_011512924, XM_011512925, XM_011512926, XM_011512927, XR_924147, XR_924148, XR_924149
Description: Ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3 related
The protein encoded by this gene belongs the PI3/PI4-kinase family, and is most closely related to ATM, a protein kinase encoded by the gene mutated in ataxia telangiectasia. This protein and ATM share similarity with Schizosaccharomyces pombe rad3, a cell cycle checkpoint gene required for cell cycle arrest and DNA damage repair in response to DNA damage. This kinase has been shown to phosphorylate checkpoint kinase CHK1, checkpoint proteins RAD17, and RAD9, as well as tumor suppressor protein BRCA1. Mutations of this gene are associated with Seckel syndrome. An alternatively spliced transcript variant of this gene has been reported, however, its full length nature is not known. Transcript variants utilizing alternative polyA sites exist.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array8 products

Gene Symbol: AGTRAP (Human)Other Aliases: ATRAP
Refseq IDs: NM_020350, NM_001040194, NM_001040195, NM_001040196, NM_001040197, ENST00000314340, ENST00000376627, ENST00000376629, ENST00000376637, ENST00000400895, ENST00000452018, ENST00000471765, ENST00000476309, ENST00000476512, ENST00000491346, ENST00000494437, ENST00000510878, ENST00000513739, ENST00000514733, XM_011541799, XM_011541800, XM_011541801, XM_011541802, XM_011541803
Description: Angiotensin II receptor-associated protein
This gene encodes a transmembrane protein localized to the plasma membrane and perinuclear vesicular structures. The gene product interacts with the angiotensin II type I receptor and negatively regulates angiotensin II signaling. Alternative splicing of this gene generates multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: ANTXR1 (Human)Other Aliases: ATR, GAPO, TEM8
Refseq IDs: NM_018153, NM_032208, NM_053034, ENST00000303714, ENST00000409349, ENST00000409829, ENST00000463335, ENST00000481119, ENST00000482235, ENST00000497197, XM_011533124, XR_939725, XR_939726
Description: Anthrax toxin receptor 1
The protein encoded by this gene is a type I transmembrane protein and is a tumor-specific endothelial marker that has been implicated in colorectal cancer. This protein has been shown to also be a docking protein or receptor for Bacillus anthracis toxin, the causative agent of the disease, anthrax. The binding of the protective antigen (PA) component, of the tripartite anthrax toxin, to this receptor protein mediates delivery of toxin components to the cytosol of cells. Once inside the cell, the other two components of anthrax toxin, edema factor (EF) and lethal factor (LF) disrupt normal cellular processes. Three alternatively spliced variants have been described.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: ATRAID (Human)Other Aliases: APR--3, APR-3, APR3, C2orf28, HSPC013, PRO240, p18
Refseq IDs: NM_016085, NM_080592, NM_001170795, ENST00000380171, ENST00000405489, ENST00000419744, ENST00000472515, ENST00000484646, ENST00000491220, ENST00000606999
Description: Chromosome 2 open reading frame 28
This gene is thought to be involved in apoptosis, and may also be involved in hematopoietic development and differentiation. Two alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: ATRIP (Human)Other Aliases:
Refseq IDs: NM_032166, NM_130384, NM_001271022, NM_001271023, ENST00000320211, ENST00000346691, ENST00000357105, ENST00000412052, ENST00000421175, ENST00000424906, ENST00000454733, ENST00000491468
Description: ATR interacting protein
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: ATRN (Human)Other Aliases: DPPT-L, MGCA
Refseq IDs: NM_139322, NM_139321, NM_001207047, XM_005260860, XM_011529389
Description: Attractin
Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms exist for this gene. One of the isoforms is a membrane-bound protein with sequence similarity to the mouse mahogany protein, a receptor involved in controlling obesity. The other isoform is a secreted protein involved in the initial immune cell clustering during inflammatory responses that may regulate the chemotactic activity of chemokines.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: ATRNL1 (Human)Other Aliases: ALP, bA338L11.1, bA454H24.1
Refseq IDs: NM_207303, NM_001276282, NR_074088, ENST00000303745, ENST00000355044, ENST00000423111, ENST00000424738, ENST00000449616, ENST00000485327, ENST00000524503, ENST00000526373, ENST00000526946, ENST00000527407, ENST00000529665, ENST00000534530, XM_011539586, XM_011539587, XM_011539588, XM_011539589, XM_011539590, XM_011539591, XR_945653
Description: Attractin-like 1
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: ATRX (Human)Other Aliases: ATR2, JMS, MRX52, MRXHF1, RAD54, RAD54L, SFM1, SHS, XH2, XNP, ZNF-HX
Refseq IDs: NM_000489, NM_138270, XM_005262153, XM_005262154, XM_005262155, XM_005262156, XM_005262157, ENST00000373341, ENST00000373344, ENST00000395603, ENST00000400866, ENST00000460639, ENST00000479487, ENST00000480283, ENST00000493470, XM_006724666, XM_006724667, XM_006724668, XR_938400
Description: Alpha thalassemia/mental retardation syndrome X-linked
The protein encoded by this gene contains an ATPase/helicase domain, and thus it belongs to the SWI/SNF family of chromatin remodeling proteins. The mutations of this gene are associated with an X-linked mental retardation (XLMR) syndrome most often accompanied by alpha-thalassemia (ATRX) syndrome. Theses mutations have been shown to cause diverse changes in the pattern of DNA methylation, which may provide a link between chromatin remodeling, DNA methylation, and gene expression in developmental processes. This protein is found to undergo cell cycle-dependent phosphorylation, which regulates its nuclear matrix and chromatin association, and suggests its involvement in the gene regulation at interphase and chromosomal segregation in mitosis. Three alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been reported.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array2 products

Gene Symbol: MMAB (Human)Other Aliases: ATR, CFAP23, cblB, cob
Refseq IDs: NM_052845, NR_038118, ENST00000266839, ENST00000420167, ENST00000503497, ENST00000536760, ENST00000537236, ENST00000537496, ENST00000540016, ENST00000541763, ENST00000542390, ENST00000544051, ENST00000545712, XM_011538266, XM_011538267, XM_011538268, XM_011538269
Description: Methylmalonic aciduria (cobalamin deficiency) cblB type
The MMAB gene encodes cob(I)alamin adenosyltransferase (EC, which catalyzes the final step in the synthesis of the coenzyme adenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl). AdoCbl is a vitamin B12-containing coenzyme for methylmalonyl-CoA mutase (MIM 609058).[supplied by OMIM]
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: SERPINA2 (Human)Other Aliases: ARGS, ATR, PIL, SERPINA2P, psiATR
Refseq IDs: NM_006220, NR_110563
Description: Serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 2, pseudogene
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: SLC3A1 (Human)Other Aliases: ATR1, CSNU1, D2H, NBAT, RBAT
Refseq IDs: NM_000341, XM_011533047
Description: Solute carrier family 3 (cystine, dibasic and neutral amino acid transporters, activator of cystine, dibasic and neutral amino acid transport), member 1
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: SLC7A1 (Human)Other Aliases: ATRC1, CAT-1, ERR, HCAT1, REC1L
Refseq IDs: NM_003045, XM_005266507, ENST00000380752, ENST00000450494, ENST00000473577
Description: Solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 1
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: SLC7A2 (Human)Other Aliases: ATRC2, CAT2, HCAT2
Refseq IDs: NM_003046, NM_001008539, NM_001164771, XM_005273610, XM_005273611, XM_005273612
Description: Solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 2
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: SLC7A3 (Human)Other Aliases: ATRC3, CAT-3, CAT3
Refseq IDs: NM_032803, NM_001048164
Description: Solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system), member 3
SLC7A3 is a member of the system y+ family of transporters characterized by sodium-independent transport of cationic amino acids.[supplied by OMIM]
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: OPA3 (Human)Other Aliases: MGA3
Refseq IDs: NM_025136, NM_001017989, XM_005259278, XM_006723403, XM_011527348
Description: Optic atrophy 3 (autosomal recessive, with chorea and spastic paraplegia)
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: OPA1 (Human)Other Aliases: MGM1, NPG, NTG, largeG
Refseq IDs: NM_130837, NM_130836, NM_130835, NM_130834, NM_130833, NM_130832, NM_130831, NM_015560, ENST00000361150, ENST00000361510, ENST00000361715, ENST00000361828, ENST00000361908, ENST00000392436, ENST00000392437, ENST00000392438, ENST00000419435, ENST00000429164, ENST00000434811, ENST00000445863, ENST00000475899, ENST00000482865, ENST00000483516, ENST00000487986, ENST00000495261, ENST00000495476, ENST00000497189, XM_011512863, XM_011512864, XM_011512865, XM_011512866, XM_011512867, XM_011512868, XM_011512869
Description: Optic atrophy 1 (autosomal dominant)
This gene product is a nuclear-encoded mitochondrial protein with similarity to dynamin-related GTPases. It is a component of the mitochondrial network. Mutations in this gene have been associated with optic atrophy type 1, which is a dominantly inherited optic neuropathy resulting in progressive loss of visual acuity, leading in many cases to legal blindness. Eight transcript variants encoding different isoforms, resulting from alternative splicing of exon 4 and two novel exons named 4b and 5b, have been reported for this gene.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array3 products

Gene Symbol: NPR3 (Human)Other Aliases: ANP-C, ANPR-C, ANPRC, C5orf23, GUCY2B, NPR-C, NPRC
Refseq IDs: NM_001204375, NM_000908, NM_001204376, NM_024563, XM_005248309, XM_005248310, ENST00000265074, ENST00000415167, ENST00000415685, ENST00000434067, ENST00000506712, ENST00000507141, ENST00000509104, XM_011514047, XM_011514048, XM_011514049, XM_011514050
Description: Natriuretic peptide receptor C/guanylate cyclase C (atrionatriuretic peptide receptor C)
The family of natriuretic peptides (see MIM 108780) elicit a number of vascular, renal, and endocrine effects that are important in the maintenance of blood pressure and extracellular fluid volume. These effects are mediated by specific binding of the peptides to cell surface receptors in the vasculature, kidney, adrenal, and brain.[supplied by OMIM]
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array2 products

Gene Symbol: NPR2 (Human)Other Aliases: AMDM, ANPRB, ANPb, ECDM, GUC2B, GUCY2B, NPRB, NPRBi, SNSK
Refseq IDs: NM_003995, XM_005251478, XM_005251479, ENST00000342694, ENST00000421267, ENST00000447210, ENST00000448821, ENST00000464810, ENST00000469249, XM_006716778, XM_011517889, XM_011517890, XM_011517891, XM_011517892, XM_011517893, XM_011517894, XM_011517895
Description: Natriuretic peptide receptor B/guanylate cyclase B (atrionatriuretic peptide receptor B)
This gene encodes natriuretic peptide receptor B, one of two integral membrane receptors for natriuretic peptides. Both NPR1 and NPR2 contain five functional domains: an extracellular ligand-binding domain, a single membrane-spanning region, and intracellularly a protein kinase homology domain, a helical hinge region involved in oligomerization, and a carboxyl-terminal guanylyl cyclase catalytic domain. The protein is the primary receptor for C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP), which upon ligand binding exhibits greatly increased guanylyl cyclase activity.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array2 products

Gene Symbol: NPR1 (Human)Other Aliases: ANPRA, ANPa, GUC2A, GUCY2A, NPRA
Refseq IDs: NM_000906, XM_005245218, ENST00000368677, ENST00000368680, ENST00000413826, XM_006711342, XM_006711343, XM_011509585
Description: Natriuretic peptide receptor A/guanylate cyclase A (atrionatriuretic peptide receptor A)
NPR1 is a membrane-bound guanylate cyclase that serves as the receptor for both atrial and brain natriuretic peptides (ANP (MIM 108780) and BNP (MIM 600295), respectively).[supplied by OMIM]
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array6 products

Gene Symbol: NPPA (Human)Other Aliases: ANF, ANP, ATFB6, ATRST2, CDD, CDD-ANF, CDP, PND
Refseq IDs: NM_006172
Description: Natriuretic peptide A
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR Array3 products

Gene Symbol: MYL4 (Human)Other Aliases: ALC1, AMLC, GT1, PRO1957
Refseq IDs: NM_002476, NM_001002841, XM_005257391, XM_011524838, XM_011524839
Description: Myosin, light chain 4, alkali; atrial, embryonic
Myosin is a hexameric ATPase cellular motor protein. It is composed of two myosin heavy chains, two nonphosphorylatable myosin alkali light chains, and two phosphorylatable myosin regulatory light chains. This gene encodes a myosin alkali light chain that is found in embryonic muscle and adult atria. Two alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: ATN1 (Human)Other Aliases: B37, D12S755E, DRPLA, HRS, NOD
Refseq IDs: NM_001940, NM_001007026, ENST00000356654, ENST00000396684, ENST00000537488, ENST00000541029
Description: Atrophin 1
Dentatorubral pallidoluysian atrophy is a rare neurodegenerative disorder characterized by cerebellar ataxia, myoclonic epilepsy, choreoathetosis, and dementia. The disorder is related to the expansion of a trinucleotide repeat within this gene. The encoded protein includes a serine repeat and a region of alternating acidic and basic amino acids, as well as the variable glutamine repeat. Alternative splicing results in two transcripts variants that encode the same protein.
 RT≤ Profilerô PCR ArrayInquire