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RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array Pathway-Focused qRT-PCR Based Expression Profiling
RT˛ qPCR Primer Assay Gene-Specific Primers for qRT-PCR, Genome-Wide Availability
Cignal™ Pathway Reporter Assays Cell-Based Assays for Rapidly Analyzing Pathway Signaling Activity
miScript miRNA PCR Array miScript miRNA PCR Array
Multi-Analyte Profiler ELISArray Kits Analyze 12 Cytokines or Chemokines Simultaneously Using ELISA
Single Analyte ELISArray Kits High Performance ELISA with the Best Possible Antibodies
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Arrays Pathway-Focused PCR Based DNA Methylation Analysis
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Primer Assay PCR Assays for DNA Methylation Analysis, Genome-Wide Availability
SureSilencing™ shRNA Gene-Specific Plasmid-Based RNA Interference, Genome-Wide Availability
EpiTect ChIP qPCR Arrays Pathway-Focused qPCR Based Histone Modifications Analysis
Search Result: 5 gene(s) found matching 'MAPK8'
Gene Symbol: MAPK8 (Human)Other Aliases: 2, JNK, JNK-46, JNK1, JNK1A2, JNK21B1, PRKM8, SAPK1, SAPK1c
Refseq IDs: NM_002750, NM_139049, NM_139046, NM_001278547, NM_001278548, XM_005269973, XM_005269974, XM_005269975, XM_005269976, XM_005269977, ENST00000360332, ENST00000374174, ENST00000374176, ENST00000374179, ENST00000374182, ENST00000374189, ENST00000395611, ENST00000426557, ENST00000429041, ENST00000432379, ENST00000459755, ENST00000469110, ENST00000469879, ENST00000471272, ENST00000476134, ENST00000482840
Description: Mitogen-activated protein kinase 8
The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the MAP kinase family. MAP kinases act as an integration point for multiple biochemical signals, and are involved in a wide variety of cellular processes such as proliferation, differentiation, transcription regulation and development. This kinase is activated by various cell stimuli, and targets specific transcription factors, and thus mediates immediate-early gene expression in response to cell stimuli. The activation of this kinase by tumor-necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) is found to be required for TNF-alpha induced apoptosis. This kinase is also involved in UV radiation induced apoptosis, which is thought to be related to cytochrom c-mediated cell death pathway. Studies of the mouse counterpart of this gene suggested that this kinase play a key role in T cell proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation. Four alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been reported.
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array30 products

Gene Symbol: MAPK8IP1 (Human)Other Aliases: IB1, JIP-1, JIP1, PRKM8IP
Refseq IDs: NM_005456, XM_005253226, ENST00000241014, ENST00000395629, ENST00000497090
Description: Mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 interacting protein 1
The protein encoded by this gene is a regulator of the pancreatic beta-cell function. It is highly similar to JIP-1, a mouse protein known to be a regulator of c-Jun amino-terminal kinase (Mapk8). This protein has been shown to prevent MAPK8 mediated activation of transcription factors, and decrease IL-1 beta and MAP kinase kinase 1 (MEKK1) induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta cells. This protein also functions as a DNA-binding transactivator of the glucose transporter GLUT2. RE1-silencing transcription factor (REST) is reported to repress the expression of this gene in insulin-secreting beta cells. This gene is found to be mutated in a type 2 diabetes family, and thus is thought to be a susceptibility gene for type 2 diabetes.
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: MAPK8IP2 (Human)Other Aliases: IB2, JIP2, PRKM8IPL
Refseq IDs: NM_012324, NM_016431
Description: Mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 interacting protein 2
The protein encoded by this gene is closely related to MAPK8IP1/IB1/JIP-1, a scaffold protein that is involved in the c-Jun amino-terminal kinase signaling pathway. This protein is expressed in brain and pancreatic cells. It has been shown to interact with, and regulate the activity of MAPK8/JNK1, and MAP2K7/MKK7 kinases. This protein thus is thought to function as a regulator of signal transduction by protein kinase cascade in brain and pancreatic beta-cells. Three alternatively spliced transcript variants of this gene encoding distinct isoforms have been reported.
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array2 products

Gene Symbol: MAPK8IP3 (Human)Other Aliases: JIP3, JSAP1, SYD2, syd
Refseq IDs: NM_015133, NM_001040439, XM_005255187, XM_005255188, XM_005255189, XM_005255190, XM_005255191, ENST00000250894, ENST00000356010, ENST00000561765, ENST00000561949, ENST00000562042, ENST00000563868, ENST00000564098, ENST00000564868, ENST00000566064, ENST00000566589, ENST00000567352, ENST00000567849, ENST00000568271, ENST00000568774, ENST00000570131
Description: Mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 interacting protein 3
The protein encoded by this gene shares similarity with the product of Drosophila syd gene, required for the functional interaction of kinesin I with axonal cargo. Studies of the similar gene in mouse suggested that this protein may interact with, and regulate the activity of numerous protein kinases of the JNK signaling pathway, and thus function as a scaffold protein in neuronal cells. The C. elegans counterpart of this gene is found to regulate synaptic vesicle transport possibly by integrating JNK signaling and kinesin-1 transport. Several alternatively spliced transcript variants of this gene have been described, but the full-length nature of some of these variants has not been determined.
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: JKAMP (Human)Other Aliases: C14orf100, HSPC213, HSPC327, JAMP
Refseq IDs: NM_016475, NM_001098625, NM_001284201, NM_001284202, NM_001284203, NM_001284204, XM_005267751, XM_005267752, ENST00000261247, ENST00000356057, ENST00000425728, ENST00000553156, ENST00000553647, ENST00000553941, ENST00000554271, ENST00000554721, ENST00000554754, ENST00000554795, ENST00000555491, ENST00000556985, ENST00000557560, ENST00000602482
Description: JNK1/MAPK8-associated membrane protein
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire