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RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array Pathway-Focused qRT-PCR Based Expression Profiling
RT˛ qPCR Primer Assay Gene-Specific Primers for qRT-PCR, Genome-Wide Availability
Cignal™ Pathway Reporter Assays Cell-Based Assays for Rapidly Analyzing Pathway Signaling Activity
miScript miRNA PCR Array miScript miRNA PCR Array
Multi-Analyte Profiler ELISArray Kits Analyze 12 Cytokines or Chemokines Simultaneously Using ELISA
Single Analyte ELISArray Kits High Performance ELISA with the Best Possible Antibodies
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Arrays Pathway-Focused PCR Based DNA Methylation Analysis
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Primer Assay PCR Assays for DNA Methylation Analysis, Genome-Wide Availability
SureSilencing™ shRNA Gene-Specific Plasmid-Based RNA Interference, Genome-Wide Availability
EpiTect ChIP qPCR Arrays Pathway-Focused qPCR Based Histone Modifications Analysis
Search Result: 15 gene(s) found matching 'NF1'
Gene Symbol: NF1 (Human)Other Aliases: NFNS, VRNF, WSS
Refseq IDs: NM_000267, NM_001042492, NM_001128147, XM_005257983, XM_005257984, XM_005257985, XM_005257986, ENST00000356175, ENST00000358273, ENST00000417592, ENST00000422121, ENST00000431387, ENST00000444181, ENST00000456735, ENST00000466819, ENST00000468273, ENST00000471572, ENST00000479536, ENST00000479614, ENST00000487476, ENST00000488981, ENST00000489712, ENST00000490416, ENST00000493220, ENST00000495910, ENST00000498569, ENST00000577967, ENST00000579081, ENST00000581113, ENST00000581790, ENST00000582892, ENST00000584328
Description: Neurofibromin 1
Mutations linked to neurofibromatosis type 1 led to the identification of NF1. NF1 encodes the protein neurofibromin, which appears to be a negative regulator of the ras signal transduction pathway. In addition to type 1 neurofibromatosis, mutations in NF1 can also lead to juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia. Alternatively spliced NF1 mRNA transcripts have been isolated, although their functional differences, if any, remain unclear.
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array6 products

Gene Symbol: MST1 (Human)Other Aliases: D3F15S2, DNF15S2, HGFL, MSP, NF15S2
Refseq IDs: NM_020998, ENST00000383728, ENST00000448220, ENST00000449682, ENST00000468847, ENST00000479115, ENST00000480268, ENST00000481055, ENST00000481930, ENST00000484144, ENST00000484269, ENST00000484673, ENST00000488350, ENST00000489007, ENST00000490966, ENST00000491943, ENST00000492329, ENST00000492370, ENST00000493836, ENST00000494809, ENST00000494828, ENST00000497359, ENST00000498021, ENST00000545762
Description: Macrophage stimulating 1 (hepatocyte growth factor-like)
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array2 products

Gene Symbol: NF1P1 (Human)Other Aliases: NF1P1
Refseq IDs: ENST00000604105
Description: Neurofibromin 1 pseudogene 1 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7772]
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: NF1P2 (Human)Other Aliases: NF1P2
Refseq IDs: ENST00000556855, NR_028506
Description: Neurofibromin 1 pseudogene 2
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: NF1P3 (Human)Other Aliases: NF1P3
Refseq IDs: ENST00000457709
Description: Neurofibromin 1 pseudogene 3 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7766]
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: NF1P4 (Human)Other Aliases: NF1P4
Refseq IDs: ENST00000551666
Description: Neurofibromin 1 pseudogene 4 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7769]
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: NF1P5 (Human)Other Aliases: NF1P5
Refseq IDs: ENST00000309251, ENST00000588287
Description: Neurofibromin 1 pseudogene 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7770]
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: NF1P6 (Human)Other Aliases: NF1P6
Refseq IDs: ENST00000426025
Description: Neurofibromin 1 pseudogene 6 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7771]
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: NF1P8 (Human)Other Aliases: NF1P8
Refseq IDs: ENST00000415351
Description: Neurofibromin 1 pseudogene 8 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:7767]
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: NFIX (Human)Other Aliases: MRSHSS, NF1A, SOTOS2
Refseq IDs: NM_002501, NM_001271043, NM_001271044, XM_005259917, XM_005259918, XM_005259919, XM_005259920, XM_005259921, XM_005259922, XM_005259923, ENST00000358552, ENST00000360105, ENST00000397661, ENST00000585382, ENST00000585575, ENST00000586797, ENST00000586873, ENST00000587260, ENST00000587760, ENST00000588228, ENST00000588680, ENST00000590027, ENST00000591028, ENST00000592199
Description: Nuclear factor I/X (CCAAT-binding transcription factor)
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: ZNF33A (Human)Other Aliases: KOX2, KOX31, KOX5, NF11A, ZNF11, ZNF11A, ZNF33, ZZAPK
Refseq IDs: NM_006974, NM_006954, NM_001278170, NM_001278171, NM_001278173, NM_001278174, NM_001278175, NM_001278176, NM_001278177, NM_001278178, NM_001278179, XM_005252580, ENST00000307441, ENST00000374618, ENST00000432900, ENST00000458705, ENST00000469037, ENST00000476504, ENST00000478556
Description: Zinc finger protein 33A
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR ArrayInquire

Gene Symbol: YBX1 (Human)Other Aliases: BP-8, CSDA2, CSDB, DBPB, MDR-NF1, NSEP-1, NSEP1, YB-1, YB1
Refseq IDs: NM_004559, XM_005270904, ENST00000321358, ENST00000332220, ENST00000436427, ENST00000467957
Description: Y box binding protein 1
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: NFIB (Human)Other Aliases: B, CTF, HMGIC, NF-I, NF1-B, NFI-B, NFI-RED, NFIB, NFIB2, NFIB3
Refseq IDs: NM_005596, NM_001190737, NM_001190738, NM_001282787, XM_005251467, XM_005251468, XM_005251469, XM_005251470, XM_005251471, XM_005251472
Description: Nuclear factor I/B
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array3 products

Gene Symbol: NFIA (Human)Other Aliases: A, CTF, NF-I, NF1-A, NFI-A, NFI-L
Refseq IDs: NM_005595, NM_001134673, NM_001145511, NM_001145512, ENST00000357977, ENST00000371184, ENST00000371185, ENST00000371187, ENST00000371189, ENST00000371191, ENST00000403491, ENST00000407417, ENST00000476646, ENST00000479364, ENST00000482020, ENST00000485903, ENST00000493627, ENST00000496712
Description: Nuclear factor I/A
Nuclear factor I (NFI) proteins constitute a family of dimeric DNA-binding proteins with similar, and possibly identical, DNA-binding specificity. They function as cellular transcription factors and as replication factors for adenovirus DNA replication. Diversity in this protein family is generated by multiple genes, differential splicing, and heterodimerization.[supplied by OMIM]
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array1 products

Gene Symbol: ILF3 (Human)Other Aliases: CBTF, DRBF, DRBP76, MMP4, MPHOSPH4, MPP4, NF-AT-90, NF110, NF110b, NF90, NF90a, NF90b, NFAR, NFAR-1, NFAR2, TCP110, TCP80
Refseq IDs: NM_004516, NM_012218, NM_153464, NM_001137673, NM_017620, XM_005259894, XM_005259895, ENST00000250241, ENST00000318511, ENST00000407004, ENST00000420083, ENST00000449870, ENST00000585835, ENST00000586544, ENST00000587505, ENST00000587840, ENST00000587928, ENST00000587941, ENST00000588657, ENST00000589052, ENST00000589173, ENST00000589283, ENST00000589416, ENST00000589485, ENST00000589600, ENST00000589998, ENST00000590009, ENST00000590261, ENST00000590869, ENST00000591649, ENST00000592763, ENST00000593061, ENST00000593199
Description: Interleukin enhancer binding factor 3, 90kDa
Nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFAT) is a transcription factor required for T-cell expression of interleukin 2. NFAT binds to a sequence in the IL2 enhancer known as the antigen receptor response element 2. In addition, NFAT can bind RNA and is an essential component for encapsidation and protein priming of hepatitis B viral polymerase. NFAT is a heterodimer of 45 kDa and 90 kDa proteins, the larger of which is the product of this gene. The encoded protein, which is primarily localized to ribosomes, probably regulates transcription at the level of mRNA elongation. At least three transcript variants encoding three different isoforms have been found for this gene.
 RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array1 products