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RT˛ Profiler™ PCR Array Pathway-Focused qRT-PCR Based Expression Profiling
RT˛ qPCR Primer Assay Gene-Specific Primers for qRT-PCR, Genome-Wide Availability
Cignal™ Pathway Reporter Assays Cell-Based Assays for Rapidly Analyzing Pathway Signaling Activity
miScript miRNA PCR Array miScript miRNA PCR Array
Multi-Analyte Profiler ELISArray Kits Analyze 12 Cytokines or Chemokines Simultaneously Using ELISA
Single Analyte ELISArray Kits High Performance ELISA with the Best Possible Antibodies
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Arrays Pathway-Focused PCR Based DNA Methylation Analysis
EpiTect Methyl II PCR Primer Assay PCR Assays for DNA Methylation Analysis, Genome-Wide Availability
SureSilencing™ shRNA Gene-Specific Plasmid-Based RNA Interference, Genome-Wide Availability
EpiTect ChIP qPCR Arrays Pathway-Focused qPCR Based Histone Modifications Analysis
Search Result: 2 gene(s) found matching 'AKT1'
Gene Symbol: AKT1 (Human)Other Aliases: AKT, CWS6, PKB, PKB-ALPHA, PRKBA, RAC, RAC-ALPHA
Refseq IDs: NM_005163, NM_001014431, NM_001014432, XM_005267401, ENST00000349310, ENST00000402615, ENST00000407796, ENST00000544168, ENST00000553506, ENST00000553797, ENST00000554192, ENST00000554581, ENST00000554585, ENST00000554826, ENST00000554848, ENST00000555380, ENST00000555458, ENST00000555528, ENST00000555926, ENST00000556836, ENST00000557494, ENST00000557552, XM_011536543, XM_011536544
Description: V-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 1
The serine-threonine protein kinase encoded by the AKT1 gene is catalytically inactive in serum-starved primary and immortalized fibroblasts. AKT1 and the related AKT2 are activated by platelet-derived growth factor. The activation is rapid and specific, and it is abrogated by mutations in the pleckstrin homology domain of AKT1. It was shown that the activation occurs through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase. In the developing nervous system AKT is a critical mediator of growth factor-induced neuronal survival. Survival factors can suppress apoptosis in a transcription-independent manner by activating the serine/threonine kinase AKT1, which then phosphorylates and inactivates components of the apoptotic machinery. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants have been found for this gene.

Gene Symbol: AKT1S1 (Human)Other Aliases: Lobe, PRAS40
Refseq IDs: NM_032375, NM_001098632, NM_001098633, NM_001278159, NM_001278160, ENST00000344175, ENST00000391830, ENST00000391831, ENST00000391832, ENST00000391833, ENST00000391834, ENST00000391835, ENST00000482622, ENST00000599525
Description: AKT1 substrate 1 (proline-rich)