Sheared Salmon Sperm DNA
Catalog No. Product Name Contents
GA-007 Sheared Salmon Sperm DNA 5 x 1 ml @ 10 mg/ml
Sheared Salmon Sperm DNA is highly purified and optimized for use during the pre-hybridization and hybridization stages of DNA microarray analyses to minimize background and non-specific signals and to increase signal to noise ratios. The solution is provided at a concentration of 10 mg/ml with DNA fragment sizes ranging between 500 and 2000 bp. A 1:100 dilution (0.1 mg/ml final concentration) is recommended for preparing pre-hybridization and hybridization solutions.

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Packing List/Storage Conditions
Please check the kit components immediately after you receive this package. SABiosciences is not responsible for any missing items not reported within two (2) business days upon receipt.

Kit Contents: Five tubes of Sheared Salmon Sperm DNA, each containing a 1-ml solution.

Storage Conditions:

This product is shipped on dry ice.
Store this product at -20 ºC in a manual defrost freezer.
Avoid the repeated freezing and thawing of the same tube.
Prepare multiple aliquots of smaller volumes if necessary.

Brief Protocol
A. For use with SABiosciences nylon GEArray® Q and S Series Kits:
  1. Follow the instructions provided in the GEArray® Q and S Series Kits User Manuals for all steps in this protocol.
  2. Boil the Sheared Salmon Sperm DNA at 100 ºC for 5 minutes and immediately chill on ice.
  3. Freshly prepare only as much GEAprehyb as needed each day (3 ml per nylon GEArray®).
  4. Add the Sheared Salmon Sperm DNA to GEAhyb Hybridization Solution (Catalog Number GEA9905100 or H-01) at a final concentration of 0.1 mg/ml. Mix well before starting the pre-hybridization.
  5. Background signal will be minimal if the probe synthesis reaction, hybridization, washing and detection steps were performed correctly.
B. For use with other microarray systems:

Follow the recommendations provided by the microarray manufacturer for using sheared salmon sperm DNA.

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