The products have been discontinued. GEArray® Express Thermoshakers
Catalog No. Product Name
GEArray® Express 2-Plate Thermoshaker (Accommodates up to 16 arrays)
GEX-TS4 GEArray® Express 4-Plate Thermoshaker (Accommodates up to 32 arrays)
The GEArray® Express ThermoShaker is designed to be used with the GEArray® Express Multi-Chamber HybPlate for processing GEArray® Express microarrays. GEArray Express Thermoshakers provide the optimal even heating and the high frequency, low orbital rotation necessary for the maximum quality and uniformity in your GEArray microarray results. The GEArray Express ThermoShakers are quiet and compact, with a low profile and a small footprint. Their operation is simple; just set the shaker temperature and speed using the two line set-up and status display, and begin your side-by-side hybridizations. The GEArray Express ThermoShakers can also be used to shake and incubate all types of standard-depth 96- and 384-well microplates for other research applications.

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Technical Specifications
Temperature range +5 ºC over ambient to 60 ºC
Stability + 0.1
Uniformity + 0.2
Shaking Speed 250 - 1200 rpm
Speed Setting Resolution 10 rpm
Orbit 2 mm
Incubation Timer 1 min to 96 hours
Time Setting Resolution 1 min
RT to 37 ºC Heat-Up Time 15 - 20 min
Overall Dimensions (GXE-TS2) 26.5 x 25.0 x 12.5 cm
Ambient Temperature Range 4 to 45 ºC
Input Voltage 100-240 V (Built-in transformer)
Warranty Information
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