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Oligo GEArray® Mouse Innate & Adaptive Immune Response Microarray

Oligo GEArrays - Discontinued Product Announcement - Effective January 1, 2010

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HybTube Format Cat. No.: OMM-052
HybPlate Format Cat. No.: EMM-052

The Oligo GEArray® Mouse Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses Microarray profiles the expression of 113 key genes involved in host defense response to bacterial infection. The chemokines, interleukins, and TNF ligands involved in the inflammatory response are represented along with their receptors. Genes involved in mediating immune cascade reactions during inflammation are included. This array represents genes involved in sepsis and septic shock as well. Through a simple side-by-side hybridization experiment you can determine differential gene expression between your samples.

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Functional Gene Grouping

IL-1R/TLR Members and Related Genes
Detection of Pathogens: Tlr1, Tlr3, Tlr4, Tlr6, Tlr8.
Interleukin-1 Receptors: Il1r1, Il1r2, Il1rap, Il1rapl2, Il1rl2.
Other Genes Involved in the IL-1R Pathway: Ikbkb, Mapk14, Mapk8.
Inflammatory Response: Il1a, Il1b, Il1f10, Il1f 5, Il1f 6, Il1f 8, Il1r1, Il1rn, Irak2, Myd88, Nfkb1, Tlr1, Tlr2, Tlr3, Tlr4, Tlr6, Tlr8, Tlr9, Tnf, Tollip.
Apoptosis: Il1a, Il1b, Nfkb1, Nfkbia, Tgfb1, Tnf.
Cytokines: Ifna1, Ifnb1, Il1a, Il1b, Il1f10, Il1f 5, Il1f 6, Il1f 8, Ilif9, Il6, Tnf.
Genes Involved in NFkB Signaling: Chuk, Irak2, Myd88, Tlr1, Tlr3, Tlr4, Tlr6, Tlr8, Traf6.

Host Defense to Bacteria:
Detection of Bacteria: Cd1d1, Pglyrp1, Pglyrp2, Pglyrp3, Tlr1, Tlr3, Tlr6.
LSP Receptor: Cd14, Cxcr4, Daf1.
Acute-phase Response: Crp, Fn1, Lbp.
Complement Activation: C8a, Daf1, Pfc.
Inflammatory Response: Ccl2, Cd14, Crp, Cybb, Ly96, Nfkb1, Nos2, Prg2, Stab1, Tlr1, Tlr3, Tlr6, Tlr9.
Cytokines, Chemokines, and Their Receptors: Ccl2, Cxcl7 (PPBP), Cxcr4, Ifngr1, Ifngr2, Il12rb2.
Antibacterial Humoral Response: Clecsf12, Colec12, Cybb, Ly96, Nfkb1.
Defense Response to Bacteria: 9230105K17Rik (BPI), Ang4, Camp, Cebpe, Clecsf12, Cntnap2, Cxcl7 (PPBP), Defb1, Defb12, Defb2, Defb3, Defb4, Defb7, Defcr1, Defcr5, Fcer1g, Fcgr1, Hamp2, Ifng, Igh-4, Igh-6, Igh-VX24, Lalba, Lbp, Leap2, Ltf, Nos2, Pfc, Pglyrp1, Pglyrp2, Pglyrp3, Prg2, Rbpsuh, Spn, Stab1, Tlr3, Tlr6, Tlr9.
Other Genes Involved in Host Defense Against Bacteria: Card12, Chit1, Dmbt1, Irf1, Ncf4, Nfkbia, Plunc, Slc11a1, Tmprss11d.

Innate Immune Response:
Innate Immune Response: Colec12, Crisp3, Defb1, Dmbt1, Pglyrp1, Pglyrp2, Pglyrp3, Plunc, Sftpd, Tlr8
Other Genes Involved in the Innate Immune Response: Cd1d1, Ifnb1, Ifnk, Kirl2.

Septic Shock:
Apoptosis: Adora2a, Casp1, Casp4, Il10, Il1b, Nfkb1, Proc, Tnf, Tnfrsf1a.
Cytokines and Growth Factors: Csf3, Il10, Il1b, Il6, Mif, Tnf.
Inflammatory Response: Adora2a, Ccr3, Il10, Il1b, Il1rn, Mif, Nfkb1, Ptafr, Tlr2, Tlr4, Tnf.
Other Genes Involved in Septic Shock: Gpr44, Hmox1, Irak1, Nfkb2, Serpina1b, Serpine1, Trem1.

Storage Conditions
Please check the kit components immediately after you receive this package. SABiosciences is only responsible for missing items reported within two (2) business days of receipt.

GEArray microarrays are shipped at ambient temperature enclosed in either a HybTube or ExpressPak Storage Box. They should be stored at -20 ºC upon receipt.

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