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Registered or Registration Pending Trademarks of SABiosciences

RT², RT² Profiler PCR Array, RT² Real-Time, RT² qPCR, RT² Nano PreAMP, RT² FFPE PreAMP, Cignal, Cignal Finder, Cignal Lenti, SureENTRY, SureFECT, PathwayFinder, ChampionChIP, Methyl-Profiler, GEArray, ArrayGrade, Truelabeling-AMP, Truelabeling-PicoAMP, RNASafer, SureSilencing, ExPressRef, CASE, ELISArray, PhosphoELISArray, Focus on Your Pathway, Pathways (magazine), Pathway Central, APX Centry, Biology-on-Array, Pathways Online, SABiosciences, and the SA logo are trademarks of SABiosciences Corporation.

Trademarks of Other Companies
TriZOL is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corporation. SYBR is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes, Inc. TaqMan, ABI, and StepOnePlus are registered trademarks of Applera Corporation. ROX is a trademark of Applera Corporation. Opticon, Chromo4, iQ5, iCycler, CFX96, and MyiQ are registered trademarks of Bio-Rad Laboratories. Mx3000P, Mx3005P, and Mx4000 are registered trademarks of Stratagene. LightCycler is a registered trademark of Roche Molecular Systems. Mastercycler is a registered trademark of Eppendorf, Inc. Rotor-Gene is a trademark of Corbett Life Science. SilenciX is the trademark of Tebu-Bio. FLAG is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. MethylScreen is a trademark of Orion Genomics, LLC.