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The RT² miRNA PCR Array System was retired on October 1, 2011 and replaced with the miScript miRNA PCR Array System.

Important: miScript miRNA PCR System components are NOT interchangeable with RT² miRNA PCR Array components or cDNAs prepared from RT² miRNA First Strand Kits.

To finish established projects initiated with the RT² miRNA System, researchers may continue to reorder for a limited time RT² miRNA PCR Arrays, RT² miRNA qPCR Assays and RT² miRNA First Strand Kits by contacting SABiosciences at 888-503-3187 or support@sabiosciences.com.

To continue to the new miScript Primer Assay web page on QIAGEN GeneGlobe for the latest assays designed to miRBase version 16, please click here.