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Genome-Wide RT² miRNA qPCR Assays

The RT² miRNA PCR Array System was retired on October 1, 2011 and replaced with the miScript miRNA PCR Array System.

Important: miScript miRNA PCR System components are NOT interchangeable with RT² miRNA PCR Array components or cDNAs prepared from RT² miRNA First Strand Kits.

To finish established projects initiated with the RT² miRNA System, researchers may continue to reorder for a limited time RT² miRNA PCR Arrays, RT² miRNA qPCR Assays and RT² miRNA First Strand Kits by contacting SABiosciences at 888-503-3187 or support@sabiosciences.com.

To continue to the new miScript Primer Assay web page on QIAGEN GeneGlobe for the latest assays designed to miRBase version 16, please click here.

The RT² miRNA qPCR Assays are the most reliable and accurate SYBR Green-based quantitative real-time PCR assay for analyzing the expression of any miRNA sequence. Our experimentally verified primer design algorithm distinguishes miRNA family members with single nucleotide mismatches. The resulting miRNA-specific qPCR assays are experimentally certified for their specificity and uniformly high amplification efficiencies under standardized cycling conditions. The high performance of every RT² miRNA qPCR Assay is 100% guaranteed when performed using the RT² miRNA First Strand Kit and RT² SYBR Green qPCR Master mix.

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Why miRNA PCR Assays?

  • High performance: Each assay is experimentally validated to amplify a single amplicon with uniform PCR efficiency. The performance of these SYBR Green assays for miRNA expression analysis is similar to that of TaqMan®, miScript, NCode™, miRCURY LNA™, and mirVana™ Assays.
  • Complete Genome Coverage: Assays are available for every over 400 majority miRNA sequences. The uniform PCR efficiency and PCR conditions of the assays allow for an easy, scalable transition from single gene analysis to multiple gene expression analyses.
  • Simple & Convenient: The universal reverse transcription reaction converts all miRNA sequences into cDNA in a one-step reaction. Assays deliver guaranteed performance when used with SABiosciences' optimized instrument-specific qPCR master mixes for ABI, Bio-Rad, Stratagene and other real-time PCR instruments.


A miRNA-specific primer and a universal PCR primer amplify miRNA cDNA during real-time PCR for SYBR Green-based detection. The universal PCR priming sequence incorporated during reverse transcription and the uniformly high amplification efficiencies provide a scalable solution for analyzing the expression of multiple miRNA sequences in the same cDNA preparation under standardized conditions. The nature of the universal priming sequence requires the use of the RT² miRNA First Strand Kit.


Specificity: Discrimination of Single Nucleotide Mismatches
Our proprietary primer design and reaction formulation distinguishes miRNA family members with single nucleotide mismatches, providing greater discrimination or specificity than other assays.

Sensitivity & Dynamic Range
Patent-pending chemistry preferentially reverse transcribes mature miRNA, thereby decreasing non-specific background and increasing sensitivity over other assays. The wide dynamic range typical for real-time PCR allows miRNA sequences at a wide variety of expression levels to be detected simultaneously.

The high degree of technical reproducibility demonstrated by the miRNA PCR Arrays means that results can be reliably compared across cycling runs, array plates, and samples.

You can easily perform a PCR Array experiment in your own laboratory, or send your samples to us and take advantage of our RT² qPCR Gene Expression Analysis Services.

Necessary qPCR Reagents for Guaranteed Performance:

RT² qPCR-Grade miRNA Isolation Kit
     To enrich RNA samples for miRNA
RT² miRNA First Strand Kit
     For cDNA sequences compatible with universal assay primer
RT² SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix
     Special formulations optimized for your real-time PCR instrument
Housekeeping qPCR Assays
     For small nuclear RNA assays and data normalization


Technical Support

Working Protocol Required Reagents and Instruments
Overview of miRNA PCR Arrays User Manual


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