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Genome-Wide siRNA

The SureSilencing siRNA have been discontinued effective June 30, 2010.
Please visit Flexitube siRNA for efficient RNAi analysis products.

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The SureSilencing™ siRNA is high-potency HPLC-purified synthetic siRNA that specifically knocks down the expression of every human, mouse or rat gene by RNA interference.

Each synthetic siRNA provides highly specific silencing for your gene of interest. For every gene, at least 2 of the 4 siRNAs in each siRNA set are guaranteed to show >70% gene knockdown at mRNA level. The amount of siRNA provided is sufficient for >2,000 experiments in 24-well plate at siRNA concentration of 10nM, for example.

  • High potency and efficacy
  • Low off-target effect
  • Only $187 per design in a set
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Why SureSilencing siRNA How it works Resource Related Products

How do we achieve high potency & low off-target effect with SureSilencing siRNA?

  • HPLC Purification of Synthetic siRNA

Why HPLC purification matters?

The production of synthetic siRNA oligonucleotide strands begins at the 3' end. Due to practical considerations of coupling efficiency, and depending on the length and sequence of the target RNA, synthesis is often stopped before full-length siRNA are generated. These truncated forms of siRNA (see figures below) may result in sub-optimal performance, due to shifts in thermostability, alterations in specificity, changes to the seed region and sequence-related siRNA efficacy. Learn More

Purification of siRNA oligonucleotides by preparative high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is the most common, and most effective, method for removing incompletely synthesized oligonucleotides and other contaminants. This additional quality control step provides siRNA with >97% purity. Therefore, HPLC-purified SureSilencing siRNA is ensured to provide high potency and low off-target effect for knockdown of your specific gene.

High Purity

High Purity of SureSilencing siRNA. SureSilencing siRNA and siRNA from competitor X were analyzed side-by-side with 2100 Bioanalyzer. HPLC purified SureSilencing siRNA (center lane) demonstrated over 97% purity with right size, while siRNA from competitor X demonstrated multiple bands with shorter length siRNAs (right lane). The left lane is the molecular weight marker.

High Efficacy

SureSilencing siRNA provide about 90% success rate. HeLa cells were transfected with 10nM of each siRNA targeting 24 transcription factors using SureFECT Transfection Reagent. 48 hours after transfection, total RNA was collected and real-time qPCR was performed to determine the target mRNA level. For each gene target, the first two siRNA designs were selected. About 90% of SureSilencing siRNA showed greater than 70% knockdown of target gene.

High Potency

SureSilencing siRNA showed potent knockdown at very low concentration. HEK-293H cells were transfected with different concentration of siRNA for GAPDH using SureFECT Transfection Reagent. 48h after transfection, GAPDH activity level was determined. SureSilencing siRNA demonstrated matchless potency in effectively knocking down target gene even at 0.625 nM. Note: The usually recommended siRNA concentration for efficient knockdown (greater than 70% at mRNA level) is 10 ~ 30 nM.

Long Lasting Effect

SureSilencing siRNA showed extended period of knockdown. HEK-293H cells were co-transfected with turbo-RFP expression vector and either turbo-RFP SureSilencing siRNA or negative control siRNA. Expression of turbo-RFP in HEK-293H cells was monitored for 6 days (144 hours). The expression of turbo-RFP is significantly down with SureSilencing siRNA (lower panel) since Day 1 till Day 6 after transfection. In contrast, the expression of tubo-RFP wasn't affected with control siRNA (top panel).

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Why SureSilencing siRNA How it works Resource Related Products

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Why SureSilencing siRNA How it works Resource Related Products
Manual & Protocols siRNA User Manual (PDF)
White Paper Read our White Paper about validating RNA interference with Real-Time RT-PCR (PDF)
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Software SureSilencing siRNA RNAi Validation Data Analysis Template

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Why SureSilencing siRNA How it works Resource Related Products

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